Can gods be monsters in ancient Egypt

I attached the reference style guideline to the files. I recommend that look at the lecture Slides I provided in files before writing and get some points of this essay from them. I suggest that these theses can be discussed in the following points (optional): Who was the god Bes and what did he do? What are composite beings? What role did composite beings play on magic wands in the Middle Kingdom? What is the ancient Egyptian term “netjer” and what does it refer to? What does the writing of the term “netjer” in hieroglyphs tell us about Egyptian conceptions of the divine?

Reference Style Guide – CAHA Seminar 5 Monsters and gods Exploring_Religion_in_Ancient_Egypt_—-_(Chapter_6_Being_Well) 1359183511402276 8-32-1-PB

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Can gods be monsters in ancient Egypt
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