You should prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation of 20 to 30 slides . Include the following information:

Brief biography (or description of the business)

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Career description (or history of the business)

Event that makes the person or business of interest in a Business Ethics Class

Analysis of the person’s or business’s actions using at least two of the moral or justice theories we have covered.

Where are they now? Or if they are deceased or retired, what happened to the business with which they were associated? Or if reporting on a business, what is it’s current status?

Do not use page transitions or special effects. Avoid long lists of awards or indictments. Review your presentation to avoid repeating information on multiple slides. Be sure to include enough information to make your audience aware of who your subject is. Review your presentation to make sure that everything is covered but nothing is repeated *. Do not cut and paste information about your subject. Tell the person’s or business’ story in your own words and in a coherent order. You must cite ALL sources used, on or off line, text, photos, videos, clipart, etc. You may do this on the last slide.

You should choose one of these individuals or business to research. Here are the topic choices:

  1. Dennis Kozlowski
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Tony Hsieh
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
  5. Jack Ma
  6. Uber and Lyft
  7. Anita Roddick
  8. Aaron Feuerstein
  9. Marilee Jones
  10. AirBnB


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