Your family has a furniture store and the company has recently started using e-commerce. So far your company have never encountered any fraud or security problems in the e-commerce operations. You want to educate your staff about security and fraud issues that the company could face.

(a) Explain to them about two types of non-technical attacks that could happen to the business with relevant example fro each of them. (5 marks)
[Make sure the types you provide are applicable in the company]
(b) To ensure that your company does not face any security problems including the ones you listed in (a), explain to your staff one EC security/defense strategy that you can use in the company. You should:
(i) explain how the strategy can be used in the company (3 marks)
(ii) justify why this is the most applicable to your furniture company (2 marks)
[Make sure the strategy you suggest is applicable in the company]

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