For each of the following situations, evaluate the salesperson’s action and indicate what you think the appropriate action would be:

a. In an electronics store, salespeople are offered an extra $50 for each sale of HDTV models that are being closed out. The manufacturer is offering the extra spiff, and management is fully aware of it. Salespeople, though, are encouraged to not mention either the spiff or the fact that these are closeout models.

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b. A customer asks if you can remove a safety feature because it slows down the operators of the equipment.

c. The custom of the trade is that competitive firms submit bids based on specifications provided by the buyer; then the buyer places an order with the firm offering the lowest bid. After a salesperson submits a bid, the purchasing agent calls him and indicates that the bid is too high; the lowest bid so far is almost 8 percent lower than that. The buyer asks the salesperson to submit another bid at a price at least 10 percent lower.

d. A few months after joining a company, you learn about a credit card that gives you a 20 percent cash refund on meals at certain restaurants. You get the card and start taking clients to restaurants offering the rebate, pocketing the rebate.

e. A customer gives a salesperson a suggestion for a new service. The salesperson does not turn in the idea to her company, even though the company’s policy manual states that all customer ideas should be submitted with the monthly expense report. Instead the salesperson quits her job and starts her own business using the customer’s suggestion.

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