One of your lab co-workers has identified a new restriction enzyme, CboI from an obscure bacterium. He determined the 6 bp sequence of the recognition site and wrote it on a page in his notebook, but later he spilled something on it and now he can only read the first three bases: A/CG (/ indicates the digestion site).
a. If this is a standard restriction enzyme like the ones described in textbook, draw the double-stranded sequence of the entire recognition site and indicate the position of the digestion site on both strands of the recognition sequence.
b. What would be the average fragment size (in kb) generated by this enzyme if it were used to digest a DNA sample that has equal proportions of all four nucleotides? Show your work. (Note that this is a probability-based question.)
c. You are attempting to determine if a new DNA sample you have just received contains linear or circular molecules. Digestion of this DNA using either EcoRI or BamHI alone produces two fragments. On the basis of the results for the single digests, how many fragments would you expect for an EcoRI/BamHI double digest if the DNA is linear? How many fragments would you expect if the DNA is circular? Justify your answers.

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