During chemotherapy for bone cancer, Pete, a delivery man, is exhausted, nauseated, and weak. He has asked permission to come in later, work a shorter day, and limit his lifting to 10 pounds. Delivery people typically carry packages of up to 70 pounds. Does Pete’s employer, Vulcan, have the right to fire him?

a. No, Vulcan must create a new position so that the employee can do something else.
b. No, Vulcan must transfer the employee to another position, but only if one is vacant and he is able to perform it.
c. Yes, Vulcan can fire Pete because none of his major life activities has been affected.
d. Yes, Vulcan can fire Pete because he cannot perform the essential functions of his job.
e. Yes, Vulcan can fire Pete because he is not disabled—once the chemotherapy treatments end, he will feel fine again

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