Biblical Integration Essay

Biblical integration is more than just putting a Bible verse or other religious connection into a project.  True integration of this type requires the author to address a topic with God’s character in mind.  Looking at life situations, and the people involved in this manner should help direct leaders to a better solution than he or she might select on his or her own.   Read and respond to the Biblical Integration Case Study provided in the online classroom.  You are required to answer the questions in a 900 word paper written in APA format.  This assignment requires the use of six (6) scholarly sources.  Limit your literature search to the last five (5) years and select only sources that are full text – PDF.   As part of this project, prepare an annotated bibliography.  The bibliography will be structured as follows: APA formatted reference (minimum 250 words per reference) followed by summary of key points, evaluation of the quality of the publication, evaluation of the quality of the author(s), where this fits into the assignment, and the library database in which you found the article.  A traditional APA reference page and the annotated bibliography will be turned in with the associated paper.   Recall that doctoral-level writing expects you to not form an opinion and then find evidence to support your position, but rather that you weigh the evidence and respond accordingly.  This requires considering at least two views of a situation.

Week 4 – Case – Biblical Integration Exercise – 12-2019 (1)

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Biblical Integration Essay
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