As a director, what style would you use?

Questions 1

magine you are a producer for a modern production of Aphra Behn’s The Rover. You need to develop an advertising campaign. Find an image, or describe an image, that you feel could serve as a primary image for web advertising for this production. You may attach a picture file, an audio file. You may create a Powerpoint, or Prezi image, if you wish. If you’re a talented artist, you could draw an image and send it to me. Or you can simply write a narrative description and send it to me. Keep it simple! Whatever you do, include a verbal description of how it would work on Internet/web advertising.

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As a director, what style would you use?
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Questions 2

For this discussion board, you need to have read Aphra Behn’s The Rover and the textbook chapters on directing and producing. Create a thread for yourself and answer and defend the following questions. I expect to see quotes from The Rover as well as specific terminology from your textbook.

1. As a director, tell me the spineyou would use for your production of The Rover. Remember to use specific examples from the play.

2. As a director, what style would you use? Defend your position by using your textbook and examples from the play.

3. As a director, describe your directorial conceptof the play? Defend your position by presenting a image that illustrates your concept. This could be a photo, drawing, or narrative description. Use your imagination!

4. As a director, what well-known actor would you cast as the principal character? Yes, you need to tell me who you believe is the principal character. And why would you cast this person?

Remember, you can attach a document to the discussion board, if you wish

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