Are the warranties cited by ClearLake Boats and Seamaster valid?

After the meeting you have learned that the client, Donald R. Moss, is the owner of a software business. He has just purchased a new boat to take out to the lake on weekends. He purchased the boat from ClearLake Boats, an authorized representative of Seamaster Boats. Donald purchased the new boat at a cost of $74,000. When it was delivered to his dock, he noticed that some items, such as the windshield wipers, cushions from the outside deck, and the anchor, were missing. He also noticed that the tachometer, refrigerator, fl oor drains, and outside railings were either damaged or improperly installed. Donald contacted ClearLake, but they claim that they are not responsible for the repairs— Seamaster is. ClearLake points to two warranty provisions, which state: Purchaser agrees that all terms and conditions, including those of the reverse side of this Contract are part of this Contract and that ALL EXPRESS WARANTIES and implied warranties of merchantability and fi tness for a particular purpose are EXCLUDED from this transaction and DO NOT APPLY to the goods sold. Any warranty on any new unit is made by the MANUFACTURER ONLY and not by the seller who disclaims all warranties, either express or implied including any implied warranty of merchantability or fi tness for a particular purpose. Any work required must be at manufacturer’s place of business. Any shipping or transportation shall be borne by buyer. Th e costs for the repairs will be around $3,000 but the shipping costs to the manufacturer’s site will be at least $5,000. Donald wants to know whether the warranties are any good. Are the warranties cited by ClearLake Boats and Seamaster valid? Is the requirement that the buyer pay for shipping of warranty work unconscionable? Your supervisor wants a thorough analysis of Donald’s situation on her desk in two days. Th ey want to fi le a legal action. (As part of your response, if there is additional information that you require before a lawsuit can be fi led, identify the information that you need to make a complete evaluation of the situation.)

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Are the warranties cited by ClearLake Boats and Seamaster valid?
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