Select an extinct prehistoric organism and write about its Family or Genus Write a cohesive essay(1000 words; roughly 3 pages), with intro and conclusion, incorporating the following: •What Class and Order does this organism belong to?  What features define those ranks? (ex: Canis diuresis in Class Mammalia, a group which includes all animals with hair, mammary glands, etc.)Remember to use the proper formatting of a scientific name. Find that italics button!•What other members of the Family or Genus are known(ie: what is it closely related to)?  Are any of its relatives still alive today?•Describe them briefly, especially any distinct anatomical features (size, quadrupedal posture, etc.).•What was their life like?  What did they eat?  What were their weapons or defenses?  What interesting behaviors did they have (herd activity, vocalization, etc.)?Where did they live?  •What survives of these organisms in the fossil record?  Are there full skeletons?  Are they only known from a selection of teeth or bones? Where have their fossils been found?•When did the organism arise, and when did it go extinct? Why did it go extinct?•Are there any interesting stories associated with the organism’s discovery? Feel free to go beyond the above points.  Tell me cool things about your animal/group of animals.   2Sources: Use at least three sources, at least one of which must be a published scientific journal article(ie: not a web page or newspaper).  The library website is a great place to find articles that you have access to.  Google Scholar( also a good reference, but you’re more likely to find papers locked behind a paywall (Never pay for an article)

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