Analysis Paper: American College of Emergency Physicians


The healthcare professional association website you are assigned to evaluate and analyze for the Analysis Paper is the American College of Emergency Physicians.  *NO SOURCES REQUIRED* (just the website for American College of Emergency Physicians) As you are analyzing and evaluating the national healthcare association website assigned to you, this writing will be in the first person (“I”). Your analysis of the professional association website will result in a ten-page paper (minimum; paper may be longer). The analysis paper will be double spaced, with one-inch margins. Do not list or use bullet points. Do not use any graphs, charts, diagrams, or photos within the paper. No outside references are used. You are only analyzing and evaluating the healthcare professional association website assigned to you. The website analysis paper will cover the following areas and be addressed within your paper. All of the following areas will be addressed within your analysis paper. Do not list these areas as questions within your paper. This is not a question and answer format. You are evaluating and including all of the following areas within your paper:  1. Is the healthcare professional association website “user friendly” and easy to navigate? Explain your findings.  2. What is the structure of the healthcare association? Explain your findings.  3. How do healthcare professionals join the association? Explain.  4. Are there different “levels of membership?” Explain. 5. How can the healthcare professional be involved in the association after they become a member? Explain. How would this involvement benefit the healthcare professional? Explain. Be specific.  6. Address the area of continuing education. What types of continuing education opportunities are provided for members? Explain.  7. What type of information is provided to members regarding professional conferences? Explain. How would this information be helpful to practicing healthcare professionals? Explain.  8. Is a job bank for healthcare professionals provided? Explain your findings.  9. What are the benefits of being a member of this association for healthcare professionals? Explain.  10. Does the website address the areas of state or local chapters? Explain.  11. What issues are currently important for this healthcare profession? Select and describe two issues that you find on the website that seems to be of importance to this healthcare profession currently. How did you find this information on the website? Explain.  12. Can students be involved in this healthcare professional association? Explain. How would membership in this association benefit students? Explain.  13. What would you change about this association website? Explain. Be specific. Why would you make these changes? Explain.  14. What is the overall impression that this website conveys about this professional healthcare association? Explain. Be specific.  15. What do you think the association should offer to its professional members that it currently does not offer? Explain. Be specific.

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Analysis Paper: American College of Emergency Physicians
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