Analysis Essay on the book Indian Horse.


Choose one of the following topics and write a 750-word analysis: 1) What role does hockey play in the novel? 2) What role does culture play in the novel? 3) Despite the hardships and suffering that Saul faces, he can arguably be considered a survivor. How is he able to persevere through his difficult childhood and young adulthood? The assignment must be written in the MS Word document provided on Teams. Follow MLA formatting (double-space, use parenthetical references, etc.) Important: -make sure you have an introduction and a conclusion -your introduction should mention the author, the title of the book, your topic and your main idea (thesis) -it doesn’t matter how many body paragraphs you have, but paragraphs of 5-8 sentences are the most effective -using quotations is essential to support your ideas and to examine the text in detail Please note: all work should be your own. You are not expected to do research, but if you happen to use an outside source, it must be mentioned in a parenthetical citation and added to your Works Cited. Failure to acknowledge sources constitutes plagiarism. (The penalty for plagiarism is serious: a 0 in the course and a letter in your academic file.)

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Analysis Essay on the book Indian Horse.
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