American Foreign Policy


For this paper, please answer the following prompt and address all the questions contained within that prompt. In your answers, integrate a discussion of Robert Gates’ text, The Exercise of Power and the issues it raises about US foreign policy.  Paper is to follow these formatting requirements: Standard 12 point Font, Times New Roman, double-spacing, proper form of citation with a works cited page, separate cover page, a total of 7 pages (not including a cover page and works cited page) Prompt: Why did the military become so prominent in the conduct and execution of America’s foreign policy in the post-Cold War world? Provide examples from the book. If the military has become too central, what has it displaced whether intentionally or unintentionally?  What are the significant risks from the diminishing role of the other instruments of power in shaping America’s foreign policy?  Is America actually more at risk because of that diminishing role for those other instruments?  Why or why not?  Provide examples Source is provided, Please only use source provided!

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American Foreign Policy
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Exercise of power American Failures Successes and a New Path Forward in the Post-Cold War World by Robert M Gates (z-liborg) (1)

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