America in the 1960’s

Assignment is due by tonight 11:30 p.m. Will pay 100% pay extra form can do it. Consider one of the following historical questions below and write a response (4-6 pages  in length) to it. Agree or disagree with the statement. Make an argument; state your case  by using examples from the text books, from outside readings, or lectures. Take a stand.  A good paper will have a proper thesis paragraph (or argument) at the beginning and will  make the case for or against the statement you choose in the body of your paper. A  concluding summary will wrap up your main point or thesis. You will be graded based on  the following criteria: Assignment Questions (Choose one) 1)   What were the strategies and achievements of the Civil Rights Movement during  the 1960s? What divisions emerged among its activists during the decade? 2)   What were Presidents Kennedy and Johnson’s motivations for deepening  America’s military involvement in the Vietnam War?  3)   How did the youth revolt and the early Civil Rights Movement influence other  protest movements during the 1960s? How did new protest movements affect  social attitudes and public policy? REQUIREMENTS All papers must be at least Four (4) pages in length, but no more than six (6) written, double-spaced, in 12-point font (Ariel, Courier, Roman, Schoolbook, or Times  New Roman are acceptable), have one-inch margins, and include a title page or title  heading. ALL outside sources must be cited using standard footnoting (AMA or MLA) and a Works Cited or Bibliography.  Any papers that fail to use citations or a Works Cited page will be marked down one half letter grade.  At least FIVE sources must be used, TWO of which must be academic print sources (book, textbook, journal article, histories, biographies, journal articles, etc.). Wikipedia must never be used as a source.  Papers are to use one inch margins, a standard 12-point font (Ariel, Courier, Times New  Roman), and standard formatting. ALL outside sources must be cited using standard  footnoting (AMA, MLA or Chicago-style) and a Works Cited or Bibliography. Any  papers that fail to use citations or a Works Cited page will be marked down at least  one-half letter grade.


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America in the 1960’s
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