The policy we are focusing on and analyzing is FMLA.  Please answer all questions below.  Create an action plan that could be used to advocate for or against the policy that you analyzed. REMEMBER- this must be a specific policy, and you must name the policy and give its identifying legislative number; do not write this about a broad area of concern. In your paper: – briefly describe the policy – be specific about what it does, how it does it, and who it is intended to benefit, – identify the claims you would use in advocating for the policy (think back to your previous assignment about claims-making), – describe the allies you could approach in coalition-building (client populations, community-based groups, professional associations, etc.- who else would ally with you to support the bill? who else supports it? who else is working on this topic that you could approach to build a team/coalition? Go back and look at your policy analysis for some ideas); BE SPECIFIC and name names, – describe your media plan (how would you get the word out? would you spend money on expensive tv or radio ads- to what stations? would you put up billboards- where and why, what would they say? would you get on talk shows- which ones and why?), and -describe your plan for approaching legislators (who would you approach and how would you approach them; you should name the legislators who are “in the line of” this bill’s path- who would you actually contact and why?). Make sure that you read the lecture about lobbying and advocacy, and the supplemental reading Take Back Your Government – Morgan Caroll.pdf  for help with this paper. For additional guidance, see the Quick Guide 5 “Sample Action Plan” provided in Chapter 6 of the Chapin text and refer to class resources and information.Policy Analyis

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