Please use the using the SEC 10-K statement found at this link for both problems :https://wwwsecgov/Archives/edgar/data/909832/000090983216000032/cost10k82816htm#sFD71396C3E4B542E99B4C6083D6F2B55


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  1. What were total current assets for the two most recent years?
  2. What were total current liabilities for the two most recent years?
  3. What was total assets?
  4. What was total equity (deficit) for the two most recent years? Please include non-controlling interests if your company lists this item You’ll know you have the correct Total Equity number if you can enter it in the accounting equation and make it balance: Total Assets = Total Liabilities + Total Equity
  5. Calculate Working Capital (Current Assets ? Current Liabilities = Working Capital) for the two most recent years Please show your calculations
  6. What is the amount of Retained Earnings for the two most recent years? Sometimes this is called Reinvested Earnings or something similar



Using vertical analysis (show your calculations), calculate the percentages for this year and last year

Please round your percentages to one decimal place, eg, XXX%

  • Gross profit margin = Gross profit ÷ Net sales × 100
  • Net profit margin = Net income available to common shareholders ÷ Net sales × 100

Note that Net income available to common shareholders will be the last number listed immediately above where the Earnings per Share (EPS) section starts, and it is typically double-underlined to indicate that it’s the final number

  1. gross profit margin
  2. net profit margin (use the last “net income” line on the statement)
  3. Comment on changes: Are sales increasingly profitable? How is gross profit and net income changing, as a dollar value?

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