A letter to my future self

Letter to Your Future Self: In this assignment you will be envisioning your future and writing a letter to yourself—think about the person you would like to become, your accomplishments, your status mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, how and where you would like to be living, what you will be doing (career/academic etc.), the people you will be surrounded with. Please ensure you find a quiet space and give yourself ample time to write. Since you will need time to reflect, choose a time during the day where you will not feel rushed or distracted. Please write a letter to my future self I don’t have time here is a little info about myself. I am 27 years old pursuing criminal justice associate degree  I waited until my children got older so I can go back to school they are now 6,6,7,11 I come from a low income family  I am the first to graduate and attend community college  I hope to also attend a 4 year college I’ve worked full time and attend school  I want to become a detective or a private investigator  going back to school has being very challenging for me but I will not give up this is letter is for my college IDS success class

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A letter to my future self
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