Needs assessment and recommendations for programs for a client

For this assignment, you have the role of community supervisor. You need to submit a 700- to 1,050-word report that summarizes a needs assessment and recommendations for programs for your client, James, for judicial review. You should read about your client’s background.

Clients back ground is attached

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Needs assessment and recommendations for programs for a client
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Specifically, your report should do the following:

  • Select a needs assessment methodology for the client.
  • Justify the selection of the needs assessment methodology.
  • Apply the needs assessment methodology to the client.
  • Summarize a risk assessment for the client.
  • Recommend specific programs for the client.
  • Analyze program elements and requirements (day program or residential, etc.).
  • Analyze the programs for the ability to meet the needs of the individual/fill in gaps in services for the individual.
  • Justify program recommendations by showing evidence of the effectiveness of the recommended programs.
  • Justify program recommendations by discussing how the program will help the client with their specific needs.

Cite at least 2 resources using APA format.

Client Background

James is a 24 year-old black male being considered for release back into the community. James will be living with his 53-year mother and 20 old brother and will seek to secure employment upon release.

James has previously been on supervision and was non-complaint in virtually every area of his supervision. He used marijuana routinely and had no desire to stop. Also, he failed meet curfew checks on a nightly basis. During this previous supervision he broke into several vehicles. James is being considered for release after serving 11 months for violating the conditions of his previous community supervision.

James’s scores low risk in most areas of risk and need assessment. He scores moderate risk for substance abuse and mental health needs.

Therefore, according to the risk and needs assessment he is a low-risk offender and should be granted release from prison and return to the community. Community supervision manager Jones does not agree with the recommendation to release James back into the community. Mr. Jones has a previous history of supervising James and feels as though James is not ready to reenter the community. Lastly, reports from staff within the institution were favorable for James to released and he has not had any behavior issues.

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