Stress and relaxation PowerPoint presentation

Make a visual presentation of 8-10 slides excluding the front and reference slide.


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Stress and relaxation PowerPoint presentation
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Begin by reviewing your readings to select a particular philosophy/philosopher of leisure that appeals to you. This is a research component wherein you must synthesize the ideas of this philosophy with any one of the following topics:

Health and wellness

Meditation and contemplation

Stress and relaxation

You must demonstrate a logical argument about how these philosophies relate to your selected topic in our modern lifestyles. For example:

How does a philosopher like Josef Pieper and his ideas on leisure and happiness relate to the topic of stress and relaxation in our daily life?

A. Visual Presentation Instructions

As this is a project (and not a written essay) in which the ideas and arguments you are developing need to be integrated into a visual presentation, it will involve you seeking out online visual and/or aural examples to support and illustrate the key points/arguments you have made.

Examples can include any print media you want to scan or find online and/or your own artwork or photography created for this specific purpose.

Ensure any media materials you incorporate, even if your own creation, are properly credited below or next to the image or clip.

In the case of these media images or clips, you do not have to cite them in your reference list – just credit them in the presentation itself.

Gather and organize your materials in such a way as to support or contextualize your thesis/arguments

Remember that you are not only supporting your ideas, but using the visuals as a way of engaging, drawing in, and persuading the viewer to your perspective.

Integrate the visual presentation work into the Final Submission.

B. Final Submission Instructions

In this final part, both components will be combined into a single media-rich presentation.

The presentation may be created in a variety of media, such as PowerPoint, Sway, or Prezi, but the following characteristics must be included:

Information, ideas, and arguments you developed from the research and reading.

Information presented in a visual (images, photos, illustration, video) and aural (sound clips, music, narration) manner that supports and contextualizes your ideas.

Apart from an opening title slide/page and a closing References slide/page, the body of the presentation has no preset length or structure. It need be as long as it needs to present your arguments completely and effectively.

While you are encouraged to be creative, you should avoid being overly symbolic or obtuse. There must be a logic and flow to your presentation, an organization that effectively engages and persuades and teaches the reader something they may not have previously known. Note that most of the grade is associated with the strength of your research and arguments, and your ability to communicate them, not your artistic vision.

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