Preparing for life

Preparing for life after graduation

Discussion boards provide students an opportunity to share their unique perspective, make recommendations, provide an opinion, or answer a question about an issue. Each response should be professional and must be written well (follow rules of grammar and mechanics), clearly, and concisely. In general, students should support each of their claims using empirical evidence, logic and reason, or both. After posting a response, respond to another student’s post. When responding to others it is best to add support to their claims or add evidence or logic that goes against their claims. Please remain professional, constructive, and open-minded when responding to those whose perspectives differ.

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Preparing for life
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In this discussion, I’d like to introduce to ONET online. This is a database created and maintained by the U.S. government in conjunction with I/O psychologists. It provides tons of information about occupations nationally, and I think it will help as you think about life after graduation.

To start, please go to the Interest Profile r and take the quick quiz (if you’ve completed an interest profiler before you may enter your three letter code) . When you finish, 1) note your top 2 to 4 occupations and discuss whether these surprised you or were expected. You’ll note that your top occupations change quite drastically depending on job zone (i.e., preparation/education category) so you may want to play with this a little.

Next, search for one of your top occupations by clicking here and entering it into the search function. Then, 2) note whether the occupation matched your personality, note the job outlook, and the median salary.  Discuss anything interesting you learned.

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