Diversity in Advertising

You work for a company that produces a variety of popular and tasty breakfast cereals, and you spend a good deal on television and web-based advertising. In your ads, you strive for diversity of all kinds; however, one recent advertisement generated controversy. In it, a happy family with two mothers, a young son, and a toddler daughter are shown eating breakfast and engaging in lighthearted antics. Bits of cereal are tossed about, milk is spilled, and so on.

In response, members of an organization representing what they refer to as “traditional family values” have written numerous messages of protest and have posted them on social media. They feel that this portrayal of a nontraditional family is “morally wrong” and they are threatening to boycott your company.

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Diversity in Advertising
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Your task is to write a response to this organization and to post it on your website as well as your official social media platform sites. Your goal is not to engage in a war of words with this organization, but simply to make it clear that your company values diversity, and that you will continue to portray that diversity in your advertising materials.

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