Global Financial Crisis

Was the IMF’s response to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 adequate?

2500 words

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Global Financial Crisis
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Atleast 5 scholarly sources (Journals, Research articles, books and not newspaper sources count in the 5 sources but can be used as supplementary)

Paper must have a proper thesis

All material has to be cited APA format

You must respond to them in clear, concise, articulate, and detailed essays.

1. Assume the role of a political consultant advising a major political campaign. Given campaigns’ limited resources, what method of voter mobilization are you most likely to recommend that the campaign employ and why?

2. Explain how the Electoral College influences presidential campaign strategies for the major parties.

3. If you were advising a congressional candidate in the 2020 election on how to mobilize voters, how would your mobilization strategy differ from that of presidential campaigns?

4. Identify and evaluate the arguments for and against term limits for governors and state legislators?

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