Team Building at the Top


– Coaching (pp. 495-501) – Describe a situation where you have coached others OR you have been coached by others.  Describe that experience and relate back it to the notions of leadership and follower development.  In other words, what practical advice can you give to yourself on the importance of leadership coaching and development for yourself and the people you work with on a regular basis?- Managing Conflict (pp. 698-703) – This section of the chapter is called “Managing Conflict” and not “Eliminating Conflict.”  Describe how conflict can be good for an organization and how it can be bad.  Give an example of a time when you saw performance increase as a result of “good” conflict and an example of a time when you saw conflict disrupt and harm performance.  What were the differences between the two situations?   – Team Building at the Top (707-712) – How is “teamwork at the top” (i.e., executive levels) different from teamwork in other areas of organizations?  Do you agree?  Cite some examples.- Creating a Compelling Vision (694-698) – This is one of the central elements of effective leadership (as opposed to management).  Study Figure 17.1 on page 696 and describe, in your own words, what it means and how it will be useful to you in your current and future leadershp roles.  Again, what practical advice can you give to yourself on the importance of creating, communicating, and fostering commitment to a compelling vision for your people and organization?

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Team Building at the Top
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