“How to Dress for Success”

Signature Assignment – TIME TO BRING YOUR TRAINING TO LIFE: (Topic is “How to Dress for Success)

For your Signature Assignment, you are going to put together your training program based on the topic (established during Module 2) and the objectives you created (established during Module 3).  This should not be a proposal of what that training would be like you’ve been doing throughout the session when you did the prep assignments, this is the actual training itself.  Below you will find what all you will need to do and include in this assignment:

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“How to Dress for Success”
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  • The training should be a PowerPoint Presentation 10-12 slides (no more than 12 slides)
  • Be sure to include your objectives at the beginning of your presentation. (you are setting the stage for what is expected of the learner once the training has concluded)
  • Slide that shows your classroom set up
  • Use your training outline as a guide (Assignment from Module 5)
  • Slide notes are required for bulleted slides (if there are no slide notes, there will be an automatic 3 point deduction)
  • Each slide should have no more than 5 bullet points, avoid lengthy slides (this is the purpose of the slide notes)
  • Include graphics and animations as you see fit
  • On your last slide, create a 5 question evaluation of your training that you would want your learners to complete at the end of the training. (**Note: this should not be in the form of an examination for the learner, it is an actual evaluation of the training itself.)
  • Proofread, watch your grammar and spelling….there will be deductions
  • Last, but certainly not least, BE CREATIVE (use your textbook as a definitive guide)
Instructional Strategy/Training Plan
Name of Program: How to Dress for Success Location: Downstairs on 1st floor in conference room Classroom configuration: 20 seats with 5 in a row facing projection screen

Evaluation: Conduct a briefing on how to dress professional and dress for success without 2nd guessing your outfit

Target Population: Clients who are ready for a professional career

Overall Training Objective: Clients will be able to put on a professional look while job seeking as well as everyday professional wear

Time Topic Learning Objective Learning Points Method Material and Audiovisuals

(30 min)

Trainer: Ms. Banks


Welcome ground, directions, agenda, etc.

  1. Get individuals in a group to get comfortable with one another.
  2. Create a warm comfortable environment for learning
Icebreaker activity

Small group discussion

  • Computer with Powerpoint and photo images
  • Actual professional clothing

(30 min)

Trainer: Mrs. Winters

Why dress appropriately?
  1. How to look qualified for the job
  2. It is your personal brand
  3. People judge based on appearance
  1. Know your industry
  2. Know company rules and culture
  • Powerpoint
  • Photo images

(45 min)

Mr. White

First Impressions The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.
  1. Recognize that casual and business casual are not the same
  2. Make sure level of clothes match your level of activity
  • Powerpoint
  • Photo ima

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