Analyze the business situation

Analyse the business situation using frameworks learned in class.

Demonstrate an understanding of internal and external analysis.

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Analyze the business situation
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Demonstrate an understanding of strategy evaluation.

Identify the linkage between firm capabilities and strategies.

Demonstrate an understanding of business-level and corporate level strategies.

Demonstrate an understanding of the decision-making processes.

In your response, be sure to answer all 5 following case questions.

Q1.     Complete an external analysis using all the strategic tools learned in class.

Q2.     Complete an internal analysis using all the strategic tools learned in class.

Q3.     Complete a SWOT analysis for Charles Chocolates.

Q4.     Describe the business level strategy and the corporate level strategies currently being used for Charles Chocolates. Remember to separately describe these two levels of strategies in your answers.

Q5.     If you were called upon to advise the CEO of the next steps to take, what strategies would you advise? Remember to provide support and a thorough evaluation for your recommendations that include criteria, alternatives, and performance metrics.

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