Case Assignment


Pat Buchanan is an arch-right political commentator and three-time presidential candidate who is considered well to the right of the Republican Party. He opposes NAFTA. Ralph Nader is a political activist and perennial presidential candidate who is considered well to the left of the Democratic Party. He also opposes NAFTA.

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Case Assignment
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These guys don’t like each other much, at least politically.

Why, then, do they agree on so important an issue? Is it for the same, or for different, reasons?

Write two pages on this issue. There is plenty of information on the background information page.

Upload your papers for grading.

SLP Assignment Expectations

The SLP assignments in POL 201 generally call for a detailed analysis of the involvement of US interests in the nation being studied. In addressing SLP questions, such an analysis requires some historical perspective and a balanced and thorough consideration of that involvement.

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