Discussion: Use of Public Records to Find Fraud

Consider the fraud scheme you have chosen for your final project. How can public searches be used to identify red flags, anomalies, or fraud perpetrators in this type of fraud scheme? Which specific search engine or database might you use?

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The topic I chose for the final project – Fraud Report and Analysis: Wayland Manufacturing Company.


6-1 Discussion: Why We Make the Decisions We Make

The age-old saying for investing is “buy low and sell high,” but this is easier said than done. Investors who are scared of falling prices sell their investments, which in turn lowers the price and then creates a snowball effect. Consider a situation where all of your investments are exposed to the stock market and prices are starting to fall. You do not need the money until retirement, which is in 20 years.

How would you react to this situation and why?

If you decide to sell, what would you purchase instead?

In responding to your peers, what would you have done differently and why?


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