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Investigate the artist Albrecht Dürer on the internet. He is considered the finest printmaker to have ever lived. Discuss Dürer and how his type of printmaking played a part in books and education during his lifetime.

-Describe mass production, its importance, and what it helped foster.

-Elaborate on how the world was before prints and printing presses.

-Discuss the difference between making single prints and making books on printing presses.

-Choose a print that appeals to you created by this artist. Explain how it was made, giving details of the technique (details, not just: “a woodcut”), and why you like it. Does it have social meaning, political meaning, or does it serve a practical function? Consider whether or not you could afford a print as opposed to a painting. Be sure to answer all parts of the question. Find a web site that has reliable information about Dürer’s prints, and include a link to the website in your post.

300 words minimum.

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