Evaluation/Assessment Strategy


Based on your experiences, which learning style (visual, kinesthetic, or auditory) do you think is the hardest for teachers to accommodate? Why?

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Evaluation/Assessment Strategy
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Now, take what you have learned through any personal experiences you may have had to respond to the following scenario:

Three new students have been assigned to your fourth-grade math class. Each student has a particular learning style. How do you ensure you are providing them with effective instructional strategies based on their learning styles?

  • Peggy requires structure and has visual preferences.
  • George requires a quiet learning environment, is teacher-motivated, prefers learning alone, is a factual and kinesthetic learner, and requires mobility.
  • Moses lacks persistence, is a peer-oriented learner, has auditory preferences, requires food while he is working, and learns best in the morning.

For each of the students, complete a description under each of the following headings:

  • Teaching Strategy
  • Evaluation/Assessment Strategy

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