Management skills to positively affect academic achievement

Final Project: Autobiography and Instructional Implications


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Management skills to positively affect academic achievement
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You will synthesize what you have learned from your field experiences in the classroom, the course readings, and the rich exchanges during the Discussions and Seminars into your Final Project: Autobiography and Instructional Implications.


Your paper should be 5–7 pages and should include the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Define diversity and explain how this concept has shaped your personal experiences in school as a student and as a teacher. Select at least three concepts to foster your personal understanding and vision: culture/ethnicity; class; race; gender; language; religion; learning style; and/or exceptionality.
  2. Discuss three ways in which the course readings have deepened your understanding of your own experiences with issues related to diversity.
  3. Evaluate at least one “best practice” strategy that can be used to focus on classroom management skills to positively affect academic achievement in classrooms of diverse students.
  4. Provide at least three examples of reading skills instruction that could be used in a classroom with a diverse student population. Select from among the following: constructing a collaborative main idea web; literature circles; questioning the author; keeping a learning log; and analyzing text-to-self connections. Use information from your textbook or library articles to support your choices.
  5. Conclusion: Reflect on this course experience and self-evaluate the implications for future understanding of teaching a diverse student population.


Be sure to follow APA format when citing your references.

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