Global capitalism and the exploitation of resources

It relates to Ehrenreich and Hochschild’s book. The excerpts are from Global Woman: Nannies, Maids, and Sex Workers in the New Economy.

Write a summary essay that consists of at least 5-8 paragraphs (or more but try not to have less). Consider this as a summary essay of the selected chapters from the book.

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Global capitalism and the exploitation of resources
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The book highlights another level of global capitalism and the exploitation of resources on an international scale. The commodification of cheap labor and mainly women’s cheap labor in the global market. In addition to sexism, there is also the dimension of colonialism and racism brought out in the book.

In terms of the writing of the essay – Please keep in mind that the format is formal, academic, and factual which means stay away from your personal opinion. Stay focused on the points mentioned in the selected book chapters. Your grade is based on how well you are describing and explaining the summary points.

The format of your essay should be as follows: 1) Submit it as a PDF or Word file. 2) Size of the font of 12, single-spaced, Times New Roman.

: ON BB – READING 4 – SELECTIVE PAGES, global woman nannies, maids, and sex work by barbara ehrenreich.

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