Healthy problems

  • State a public problem. Answer: Healthy problems
  • Share why you think it is an important public problem to focus on. Answer: The public problem that are witnessed in the nations and societies are the way of the growing ‘healthy problems which basically have become a subject concern attention that ensures wellbeing healthy surviving and that it has been reported as a very fast pace healthy problems imagining. However, it has wellness the world health care issues and it has been growing as much and very fast due to the disease’s viruses, unhygienic conditions and unbalanced ecosystem which have made issues growing to the world be far and made it problems a lot and spreading also.
  • Explain what at least cause of the public problem is. Answer: The at least cause of the public problem of healthy problems although those problems did issue the science medical and has advanced and created new vaccines and diseases that was introduced but the eradicated of pace increasing health issues are still defeating of the credit success. However, the cause of the lifestyle has made it concern toward the involved of unhealthy eating patterns, carelessness has also increased more diseases and as it goes in this days Blood pressure diabetes and asthma, kidney diseases have made many causes and that. Those causes can also attribute various of human to practice use industries which can use chemical and use the emission of carbon dioxide environment it can cause breathing problems, to use easing life technology which can results causes issues such as reducing eyesight and lastly this can also grow health issues that are physical.
  • Explain what at least effect of the public problem is. Answer: Those issues have made the public matter of concern as its standards many people steep decline in passing away in years and unattended which can result bad consequences for humankinds. Although, those issues will result the effect of increasing death tolls, increasing in number of diseases, decrease the number of living people, it can also increase the medical cost and as it goes the economy can suffer and will decrease by far, as the last points, I will say it’s important to take health issues in consequences way and to control it to be healthy.

What is the situations for the problem in more than 3-5 sentences and provide more than one situations start by firstly,secondly,lastly?

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