Multicultural Lesson Plan


You will develop a Multicultural Lesson Plan based on your knowledge of culturally diverse populations.

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Multicultural Lesson Plan
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You will develop the Multicultural Lesson Plan in two steps.

Step One: Multicultural Lesson Plan Introduction

Select the grade level and content area you plan to teach in the future. While planning, select an interest you have from the list of tpoics below, or examine your content area of interest and develop a lesson that incorporates multiculturalism within that content area. Prioritize your topics and select one topic for lesson plan development. Use the topics below to build an awareness of the elements needed to meet your assignment’s goals.

To develop a multicultural lesson, you may address one of the following topics:

  • Lesson Plans that Develop Multiple Historical Perspectives
  • Lesson Plans that Develop Cultural Consciousness
  • Lesson Plans that Develop Intercultural Competence
  • Lesson Plans that Combat Racism, Sexism, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • Lesson Plans that Develop State of Planet Awareness
  • Lesson Plans that Develop Social Action Skills

Once you have chosen your topic addressing multiculturalism, you will submit a one-page paper that includes a brief introduction to your plan for your topic and lesson, your plan should include the essential question and goals for your lesson, and a rationale for why you made these choices. Ask yourself how you can plan for the needs of diverse students to ensure that all have access to the content of the lesson.

Step Two: Multicultural Lesson Plan

This assignment is concerned with your ability to plan and develop a lesson plan within a template that delivers a multicultural or diversity objective or goal. It should also prioritize differentiated instructional strategies that promote an inclusive environment for diverse students. Use the following suggested outline to prioritize and organize your lesson plan to guarantee in-depth development of each aspect of your lesson plan:

  • What specific strategies will you prioritize to respond to the diverse learning needs in your classroom?
    • For example, how will you differentiate your instruction to respond to English learners, students with special needs, or gifted learners in your lesson?
    • Are there any other individuals or groups you need to modify your instruction for?
    • How can you engage your peers, team teachers, and others at the school site to help diverse students achieve your goals within the lesson?
    • What research from the field will support your plan for diverse learners?
  • How will the lesson sequence be modified so various groups or individuals will be successful with your learning objective?
  • How does this demonstrate that the lesson plan prioritizes the needs of diverse learners?

Once you have completed your planning and in-depth research, create a lesson plan using the attached lesson plan template.  It may be a lesson plan that you have conducted or will conduct, or it may be a lesson plan for a fictitious classroom created for this assignment.

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