“Who should rule a government?”

The question of “who should rule a government?” was posed by enlightenment thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes, Jean Rousseau, and John Locke. This intellectual movement would inspire revolutions around the world. Each thinker had a different perspective on what the state of nature was and how that influenced why we created governments.

In 1- 2 pages compare each of these thinkers’ thoughts on the state of nature and why societies created governments. Make sure in your introduction you state the thesis, then the following SHORT paragraph should be on what each thinker thought. For example, Hobbes, believed the state of nature was ugly and brutish. People made governments out of fear…. Locke believed the state of nature was….

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“Who should rule a government?”
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In your conclusion, offer your opinion on who made the best argument and how their views have influenced the founding of the United States.

I will post my slides as well as some cites for you to use for citations. These are hard ideas. KEEP IT SIMPLE. Use my slides to guide you. The goal is to communicate clearly what each argument is. Save your opinion for the conclusion.

Your paper must have a title, 12-point font, be double spaced, and in Times New Roman font.  Please hand in a hard copy in our next class on Wednesday.

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