Crafting & Executing Strategies

Case 10: Beyond Meat, Inc.

  • Crafting & Executing Strategy, Concepts and Cases, 23th Edition, including CONNECT online software (A. A. Thompson Jr., M. A. Peteraf, J. E. Gamble and A. J. Strickland III), McGraw-Hill.  Note that this semester we have a new edition, 23e.
  • E-book with CONNECT (ISBN: 9781265533359 e-book with CONNECT).  Best value.

MAIN PAPER.  (170pts).

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Crafting & Executing Strategies
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  • The primary deliverable is 5-7 page paper (2500 -3000 words) that includes a comprehensive strategic analysis with observations, insights, and recommendations on how to address the issues identified.  Questions are provided as a guide.  Additional exhibits such as financial charts, graphs, or analytical visualizations should be included but will not be part of the word count. The TURNITIN plagiarism review tool is enabled.

Advice on Assignment completion:

  • Read the two files with tips on preparing a report like this.
    1. McGraw Hill provide a short tutorial on how to approach a case, including how to think about the analysis and how to write it up in case form.
      • Guide_to_Case_Analysis from McGraw Hill.pdf Download Guide_to_Case_Analysis from McGraw Hill.pdf
    2. I have also provided a quick summary from my point of view on additional things to consider.
      • GEB4890 Case Writing Tips.docx Download GEB4890 Case Writing Tips.docx
  • Start early.  If you have an understanding of your case and the questions to address, as we finalize the semester you may find applicable material, concepts, and analytical methods.
  • Review your old finance notes if needed.  The case requires a financial assessment – so you will need to understand what the numbers mean and the implications to your strategic recommendations.
  • Remember your audience.  These are reports to a BOD or Senior management.  Get to the point.  Be brief but be thorough.  This is not an essay it is a business report.
  • Support your conclusions with analysis.  Use the analytical techniques covered in the text or from other classes.
  • The recommendations must be tied in to the conclusions and implications from the case analysis.  No surprises.
  • Ask me questions.

Case Study – Beyond Meat, Inc.

Case Study – Beyond Meat, Inc.

Case #10 Beyond Meat, a producer and marketer of plant-based protein intended as a substitute for animal based proteins, had evolved into one of the fastest growing food companies in the United States.  However, as 2020 unfolded, Beyond Meat was confronted with mounting competition.  How much longer could they keep their advantage and sustain their growth?

Background and Videos on the Company

  • Case #10 in the text provides a background and information on Beyond Meat, Inc.
  • Additional videos supporting the case.
    • Inside Beyond Meat, the Plant-Based Company Disrupting a Trillion Dollar Industry
      • Beyond Meat, The Plant Based Company Overview (Links to an external site.)
    • Beyond Meat CEO Reacts to Beef and Pork Shortages, Talks “Real Opportunity” This Summer
      • Mad Money Overview and Update on Beyond Meat May 6, 2020 (Links to an external site.)

Case Analysis Guidance

You have been asked to complete a strategic review of the Beyond Meat, Inc. business and provide a report that includes analysis, observations, issues identification, and recommendations for them moving forward.  Use the questions below as a guide to your report but remember do not repeat the questions in the report, these are guides to help your discussion.

Format and Organization.  Please include header (your name, class section), and footer (page numbers).  Please check for grammar and spelling.  Please organize your report and ensure clarity of writing and content.

  1. Strategy Overview
    • Describe the broader strategy/strategic positioning.
    • What is their strategic positioning.
    • What are the key elements of their strategy.
  2. Situation Analysis (using the tools and frameworks from Ch 3/4)
    • Competitive Situation
    • How strong are the competitive forces confronting the company?
      • Do a Five Forces analysis to support your answer. Assess each Competitive Force and provide an assessment of whether you think the competitive force is weak, moderate, or strong and provide drivers and rationale for the assessment.
      • Utilize any additional framework for competitive review as appropriate for additional competitive insights.
    • SWOT Analysis
      • Complete a SWOT analysis and discuss what this analysis reveals about the overall attractiveness of the industry and their situation as a company.
    • Financial Performance
      • Using the financial information provided in the case, prepare an analysis looking at various performance metrics, including elements such as revenue growth, COGS and Operating expense ratios, profit margins, and various other financial ratios as appropriate.
      • Best practice will include a table or some illustration of the financial information and ratios you are analyzing and tie to your conclusions.
      • Determine which aspects of the company’s performance might be characterized as strong and also those aspects you believe are in need of improvement, or may be a strategic issue that needs to be addressed.

3.  Strategic Priorities and Recommendations (think about the content of Chapters 5-8 regarding strategic moves)

  • Based on your analysis of the information and, what are the top 3-4 strategic priorities that the company’s CEO and top management should address? This discussion should be supported by the analysis in the earlier sections of the report.
  • Provide recommendations on each of the priorities identified.  What actions should the company be taking to address the key issues.
    • Use your best judgement and creativity to provide recommendations. Use  the materials covered in class as thought starters for actions the company could take.
    • Some recommendations may be more concrete than others.

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