20. Why would anyone want a cryptocurrency?

21. What is a non-fungible token of NFT?

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22. Why would anyone want to create an NFT?

23. Has anyone ever actually sold an NFT (if yes, provide at least one example)?

24. A “market” is / is not required to buy / sell a cryptocurrency?

25. A “market” is / is not required to buy / sell an NFT?

26. How does a transaction get on the blockchain according to “Euromoney”?

27. What are the key difference(s) between Web 1, Web 2, Web 3 – according to Ethereum?

28. Explain why NFTs may mean the “securitization of everything” (bonus: do you agree? Explain your agreement / disagreement)?

29. List at least twenty (20) different applications expected to be popular in 2022?

30. Does the Ethereum version of blockchain prefer centralized or distributed database structure?

31. How does a transaction get on the blockchain according to “Euromoney”?32. Which blockchain is being disrupted by “trading bots”?33. What are “trading bots”?34. How big in $ terms was the global Blockchain Market in 2021 (bonus: what is the projected market size for 2026)?35. List at least eight (8) things learned from reading the article by “”?

XX. [Bonus] describe your market launch idea, quantify – provide data and numbers – the market for your blockchain launch idea (market size, growth, trends, segments, etc.), explain why your launch idea may succeed in the real world (;o->))

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