Write an analytic report on the future of cruising

An analytic report on a topic of interest that pertains to the future of cruising. The main objective of this assignment is to permit you to do a deep dive on a cruise management topic and to deepen your knowledge in that area—and on the business of cruising. Your Independent Analysis will be evaluated for research depth, topic thoroughness, analytic insight, and application of relevant material from class. The more you base your project on research (with appropriate references as footnotes) and course material, the stronger it will be.

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Write an analytic report on the future of cruising
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Research Methods Trade/Develop

Scenario: Imagine you are an international business researcher. You have been hired by a Canadian business which is considering expanding internationally. They have narrowed the choice down to a few key markets and have asked that you provide some insight as to which market they should choose for their expansion. You should provide your recommendations in the form of an exploratory market research report.


Details: You choose the product the company exports (Apparel/Beer/Chocolate etc.) and which country you are going to investigate on their behalf. Your report should contain the following sections:

Market Intelligence: Political stability, Ease of doing business, Currency Risk, Trade Relationship with Canada

Customer Intelligence: Demographics of the market including potential market size/scope

Competitive Intelligence: Local Industry description and SWOT analysis of at least 2 major competitors

Recommendations: What should the export market strategy be for the company if they choose to enter this market?



    • References are APA Style and at least 5
      • 5-6 pages

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