Ergonomic issues in workplaces

OSHA published a comprehensive ergonomics standard that was subsequently rescinded by Congress using the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Since that time, OSHA has been prohibited from passing another ergonomics standard. OSHA’s current approach is to publish ergonomic guidelines, which are not legally enforceable, for industries with high incidence rates of MSDs and CTDs.

What is your opinion of OSHA’s current approach to ergonomic issues in workplaces?

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Ergonomic issues in workplaces
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Can you propose an approach that you believe would better address ergonomic issues?

Please use the notes in the attachment, no need for paper, just write a discussion post. ONLY 250 words, zero plagiarism please.


Downsizing is the elimination of large numbers of personnel to enhance organizational competitiveness.

Under the current economic situation, what are the reasons for downsizing? Discuss.

  1. Maximum 3 pages (does not include references)
  2. With a minimum of six references

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