Customer Relationship Management

The Computer Tech Company you work for uses telephone and emails for their customer technical support.  Customers are happy with the assistance, but most of them complain of the late response and the unprofessionalism involved. Your boss is scared of loosing these customers, because they are loyal costumers of the company.  He / She therefore, decided to assign you to assess the needs to design a better tech support for the company.

In proposing the Tech Support system, Please include the following:

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Customer Relationship Management
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1.     Introduction (Introducing the change).

2.     The type of IT supports skills the staff needs.

3.     The type of soft and hardware needed.

4.     In case of problems, the troubleshooting procedures you will be taking.

5.     What would be the IT solution for the Tech sup port?

6.     The IT Manage Service tools you proposed to better support your customers.

7.     The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software you propose to use.

8.     In case you will be using a BaaS  service indicate how

9.     Indicate a Business Modeling Notation you may want to use.


a.      Your Boss wants you to write a proposed document, double-spaced, APA with 12” Times New Romans.

b.      He/she also wants you to send a power point (11 slides) in advance, which you will be presenting to the committee before approval procedures are taken.

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