Database design

Instructions: Use MS Access

Imagine and choose any company “Real or not” and assume that you are the IT – Manager. The company / business uses old filing systems and are overwhelmed with invoices and report that has to be send to the upper management at the end of every week. Sometimes the upper management wants to know which department is doing better than the other to make some staffing decisions. The manager of the company also sometimes wants to know the inventory to make orders to identify the items to be purchased for the company/ business.

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Database design
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Construct a minimum of four tables pertaining to your selected company / business; select the appropriate fields and data types for each table. Use Input Masks and data validation as needed (e.g. zip code, phone numbers, majors…)

Create the relationships and assign all primary and foreign keys

Make at least four queries of your choice that can be beneficial to the users of your program.

Write the SQL code for the queries selected

Create forms using the form wizard

Create reports with Access Note: Be sure that all your tables have any NULL value. You must fill the tables with data.

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