Managing Change in Information System

Change Management is integrated into any IT Project. This year, as the COVID- 19 pandemic hits around the world, the USA Government implemented a policy of a stay home and social distancing. Your Boss thus, informed you that the company will be close and all the staff will be working from home.

As the IT –Director, you ware asked to assess the changes, and implement a project that will enable the smooth running of the company while everyone is home.

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Managing Change in Information System
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Use the template below to write your final project:

(Front Page)


Name of College



1.     Introduction

2.     Plan of operation

3.     Scope of Change

4.     Procedure of the Change

5.     Future Systems to be introduce

6.     GAP Analysis for the Change

7.     Blue Print of the Change

8.     Implementation of the Change

9.     Impact on the change

10.  References

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