Technology and crime

Question What are the strengths and weaknesses associated with the material on technology and crime. Be sure to provide 3 examples of strengths and 3 examples of weaknesses from this unit.

Reading material

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Technology and crime
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Block, S., & Lesneskie, E. (2018). A Thematic Analysis of Spectator Violence at Sporting Events in North America. Deviant Behavior, 39(9), 1140–1152.


Logan, T. K., Walker, R., & Hunt, G. (2009). Understanding Human Trafficking in the United States. Trauma, Violence, & Abuse10(1), 3–30.


RAYMEN, T., & SMITH, O. (2016). What’s Deviance Got to Do with It? Black Friday Sales, Violence and Hyper-Conformity. British Journal of Criminology56(2), 389–405.

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