Legal concept of negligence

Identify the legal concept of negligence and discuss the elements necessary to establish a negligence cause of action as discussed in the text. Be sure to pay particular attention to the issues of causation, foreseeability, proximate cause, and the defenses one may have to a negligence lawsuit as evidenced in Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., 248 N.Y. 339, 162 N.E. 99 (1928).Requirements: 750 words minimum, APA format


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Legal concept of negligence
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Prompt: After reading the assigned scripture, discuss the biblical principles you see exemplified in the U.S. Constitution and how these principles can be applied to business. Be specific, using examples to illustrate your points. Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post

Read Proverbs 21:15, Isaiah 45:5, and Genesis 1:1-22

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