Ethics in policing

Discussion topic 1 (police)

1. choose a topic to research and read about. Select one and respond accordingly (police)

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Ethics in policing
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1.   At 1 a.m., Officer Axel is patrolling an area known for its nightlife. He spots three teens he knows to be gang members. One of the boys, Carlos, gives Axel the finger, and the three laugh. Axel pulls over and says, “I hope you weren’t flipping me off, punk.” Carlos repeats the gesture and says, “You mean like this? I wouldn’t do that.” The other two look at Axel and say, “Are you going to take that s – t from him?” Axel gets out of his vehicle and orders all three against a wall to frisk them. Carlos does not immediately comply, saying, “This is bulls – t.” Axel tells him he’s busted for resisting a lawful order and starts to cuff him. Carlos pulls his arms away. Axel, who outweighs Carlos by about 50 pounds, puts his forearm on the boy’s throat. The other two shout, “Police brutality!” Axel orders them to back off and shut up. He radios for backup.

Identify the actions by Axel as being ethical or not and why.

2.  Who is considered the father of Modern Day Policing (Hint:  Metropolitan Police in London 1829).   Research this person and write about what  he did for Ethics in policing that is to this day considered relative and prominent.

Do a short essay (containing 350-450 words) with at least three (3) outside references

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