R. v Cowan 2021 SCC 45 (principle offenders and parties)

Choose a topic from the list below and prepare a five double-spaced page essay. Make sure you use a recognized referencing style (MLA, Chicago, APA) and use in paper references as well as a Works Cited page or Bibliography. Legal cases and statutes must have proper legal citations.

Essays will be graded on content, organization and referencing.

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R. v Cowan 2021 SCC 45 (principle offenders and parties)
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1. Recent Changes to the Criminal Code

On June 1, 2019, Royal Assent was given to Bill C-75, introducing many changes to the criminal Code. The government states they are to make the Code more efficient, effective, fair, and accessible, while protecting public safety. Choose one of reformed areas and review the changes from the previous law, their application, whether the changes are proving effective, any controversy surrounding them.

Examples include:

Bail, Administration of Justice Offences, Classification of Offences, Preliminary Inquiries, Jury Selection and Victim Surcharges.

Bill C-38 was also passed concerning new provisions for the Exploitation and Trafficking in Persons.

2. Review a recent SCC case or related cases decided in 2021 from the following list.

A)  R. v C.P. 2021 SCC 19 (sexual assault and consent)

B)  R. v G.F. 2021 SCC 20 (sexual assault and consent)

C)  R. v Khill 2021 SCC 37 (self- defence)

D.  R. v Cowan 2021 SCC 45 (principle offenders and parties)

You may also research and suggest another recent case (get approval for suitability)

Use the selected case or cases to discuss the current law on the legal area of the case and find any interesting academic articles or other cases that add to your discussion and critique of this area of law. Brief the above case you choose and attach it to the essay as an appendix.

3. You may want to suggest another subject area from the Criminal Code that has undergone recent changes: ie: the defense of provocation or others and consider recent cases and academic articles on this topic to review how it is been changed and its effectiveness. Get approval first.

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