Government policy impacts on social justice problems

4 paged APA 7th edition for:

Policy Selection and BackgroundAssignment Overview

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Government policy impacts on social justice problems
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Government policy impacts social justice problems. Some policies may create social justice problems just as they attempt to correct them. In order to successfully address social justice problems, social workers must have the knowledge and skills to locate, access, analyze, and interpret public policy.


  • Use scholarly, peer-reviewed literature to support your claims.
  • Before completing this assignment, make sure you also refer to the scoring guide that will be used to grade you.
  • Remember that your instructor will be providing feedback on your assignments. Use that feedback to improve the content of your Federal Policy Analysis and Recommendations course project.
  1. Describe the policy you have chosen and its connection to the social justice problem that was the focus of the previous assignment. This policy must be enacted—in other words, it must be passed legislation.
    • Describe the purpose of this policy.
    • Describe the programs and services that are provided through the policy.
    • Connect the policy to the social justice problem you selected by giving a brief description of the problem. Is it a new problem, something that has recently arisen, or an old problem that never got resolved?
  2. Describe the historical issues and context that lead to the creation of the social problem and policy development.
    • Include information about the voting outcomes for the policy and the legislative leaders who influenced the policy historically and in the present.
    • Include the impact of these historical features have had on the policy’s implementation.
  • To complete this assignment, select a federal policy from that targets the form of oppression and discrimination

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