Experimental Psychology

Literature Review: Experimental Psychology

Topic: Dreams being real.

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Experimental Psychology
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Task: Write a 3 page paper that summarizes the relevant literature on the theory and topic you are studying. Start with a summary of the important publications about the theory in the review. Then write about existing studies that have looked at your topic. What did they find? The last paragraph should discuss your Research Question and Hypothesis. Add a reference page at the end of the paper to give information on your sources. This needs to be a separate page, not part of the 3 page paper. It does not count towards the 3 page requirement.

Be sure and use APA 7 style for citations in the paper and for the reference page. You need to have a minimum of 5 sources for the paper.

Be sure to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in the paper.

Remember that you have to use professional journals and books as sources. No websites or nonprofessional publications will be accepted.

Must be clear about the research question and hypothesis about dreams. I am okay with what you select, but it has to testable since I have to do an experiment on it.

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