Freud’s Psychodynamic theory of dreams

1.Operant conditioning

We are often being conditioned in many different scenarios in life. Whether the conditioning was intentional or not, we are often reinforced or punished for certain behaviors. Please provide one example from your life where you feel like you may have been conditioned through reinforcement or punishment (i.e., you built an association from this conditioning). Please then tell us whether it was positive or negative, and whether it was reinforcement or punishment. Please keep the scenarios school appropriate and use full sentences and proper grammar. Three sentences minimum.

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Freud’s Psychodynamic theory of dreams
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2.Memory and studying.

The memory unit from this class discusses many ways that we can improve retention and recall of information. This can be particularly helpful while studying for your classes. Please identify one concept from this chapter or lecture video, define that concept, and then discuss how you could adopt the practice into your study habits to improve how well you remember the information. Please write in full sentences and use proper grammar. Four sentences minimum.

3.Your task:

Create two (2) memes that properly reflect the definition of two of the following psychology concepts from this unit. The memes can be a joke or witty statement (or something else creative), but must correctly reflect the definition of the concepts chosen. Furthermore, they must also contain an asterisk (*) at the end of your text to prove that you created this meme yourself. The assignment is worth a total of 50 points and will be graded based on the 1. Correct format (must be a meme and contain an asterisk), 2. The definition of the concept being reflected correctly in the meme, and 3. You identifying which concepts you chose from the list below (either on the meme itself, or in the text box where you submit the final product on Canvas).

Pick a concept from the following areas (You must pick from these five topics):

  • Freud’s Psychodynamic theory of dreams
  • Aversive Conditioning
  • Shaping
  • Context Dependent Memory
  • Prototype Model

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