Conduct a SWOT analysis

MGT 600 Worksheet A: Organizational Background, Decision Making, SWOT and Gap Analysis Due: Module Four

The first part of the organizational analysis and recommendations project requires organizational identification. This simply means to identify an organization that you would like to shape your human capital management strategic planning project around. You can select an organization of your choice. If you decide to focus on your current workplace, make sure to notify the instructor and change the company name for protection of privacy.

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Conduct a SWOT analysis
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The following items should be included in your submission:

Name of Organization Background of Organization

  • An overview of the company and its goals and mission
  • A brief history of the company, including its foundation and purpose
  • The products, goods, or services provided by your chosen company
  • A description of the customer base of the company
  • An overview of the markets served by this company, including their current market share
  • Identification of the company’s major competitors
  • A description of the organizational structure (including overall responsibilities of the board of directors)
  • A breakdown of the company’s employee demographics

Decision Making (Concepts from Module Two)

Discuss best practices for strategic decision-making as identified in Module Two and whether they relate to the types of decisions you foresee applying to your strategic plan. Also identify specific decision-making tools that you will consider and your reasoning for using those specific decision-making tools (i.e., decision-making tools identified in Module Two).

SWOT Analysis (Concepts from Modules Three and Four):

  • Identify internal and external types of primary and secondary data used in developing your SWOT analysis.

Conduct a SWOT analysis within the scope of human resource management (HRM)/human capital management (HCM) to the organization you selected.

  • Identify 3–5 specific areas within each section of the SWOT analysis for each of the following quadrants:
    1. Variances in past and current financial health and how those variances or trends will impact future available resources for hiring and staffing
  • The effectiveness of personnel allocation, staffing, and scheduling
  • Current management goals and the progress toward meeting those goals
  • Organizational challenges related to external or internal influences

SWOT Analysis: Within the Context of HRM/HCM

Based on this identification, what ideas come to mind that can be implemented to strengthen organizational strengths and opportunities? What ideas come to mind that can be implemented to overcome or minimize organizational weaknesses or threats?

Select one of the ideas from each SWOT area and turn that idea into a SMART goal. Specifically, take your idea from concept to goal statement.

Gap Analysis

  • Conduct a gap analysis of your goal statement, that is, identify where you are today with your planning and where you would like to be after achieving that goal, and specifically identify what you need in order to achieve it.

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