Social progress versus economic progress

Part I:

Sometimes there is a misconception about social progress versus economic progress.  View the Social Progress Index for any country outside of the US ( Social Progress Index Website ).  Answer the following questions listed below (minimum of 8 sentences).  Ensure to include proper APA documentation and along with the URL even if the resource was provided for you.

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Social progress versus economic progress
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  • Is there a huge difference between the social progress index ranking and the GDP PPP Index?
  • What factors on the social progress index scorecard are possibly hindering and helping economic growth?

Part II:  Respond to two of your classmates’ posts.  Specifically focus the differences in the social progress findings between your assigned county and your classmate’s country (minimum of 6 sentences per response).

Note:  Students are only graded on their first submission.  Ensure to properly cite the information in APA formatting.

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